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We have empathy (or in our case mpathe) for what you're going through. Our community of mpaths, a social network of individuals who have met one another and have discussed offering this service, are now talking in private sessions to discuss how to best serve the needs of people everywhere to be listened to, facilitated, and remembered.

In the very near future you will be able to come to us about the things which are important to you, things you would like to talk over with someone who actually listens, and who is open to talking with you again, and again, about whatever is on your mind. To make this possible, we have decided that those seeking ongoing empathic conversations with our "mpaths" will pay an amount for every 10 minutes of conversation that will be determined by each of the mpaths themselves. You get to rate and review them, but perhaps the most telling indication will be who has the highest booking rate relative to the price they have set for their time.

We hope you'll check back here again when we've gotten our aspirations together and are ready to begin communicating with you.

Or you could send us an email and we will let you know when our scheduling and selection pages open.